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23.04.2014 new

National Council meeting : In their opening remarks, Leader and Secretary of the Staff Side expressed their strong resentment over non-settlement of issues like PLI, Stagnation, non functioning of Works Committees, problems of Direct Recruits, wage loss for those appointed after 1.1.2007, the move to form Tower subsidiary, etc. Staff Side warned the Managment that non-settlement of such issues will only spoil the industrial peace.

1. JAO/JTO LICE grace marks : No grace marks will be awarded. But, after getting reports from Circles on out of subject questions, wrong questions, etc., cases will be reviewed.

2. Offg JTO regularisation : 1500 officiating JTOs will be regularised after communicating the new RR.

3. Management Trainees : Admitting Non-Executives for the present Exam is not possible since the process is almost complete. Will be favourably considered for the next Exam.

4. JTO LICE reduction in service condition : Management agreed to reduce it from 7 to 5 years. Staff side insisted for uniform RR for JAO and JTOs.

5. SC/ST Backlog : Official Side reported that there is no backlog in Non Executive cadres. Staff Side demanded break-up figures. Staff side also wanted a quarterly report on backlogs to be sent DOT.

6. Regularisation of TSM/CLs : Management said that it is almost impossible after the 'Uma Devi judgement'. Staff side wanted to consider certain cases of compassionate engagement of TSM/CLs for regularisation. Staff side demanded evolving a scheme for regularisation of TSM/CLs.

7. Stipend for Direct Recruits : Orders have since been issued. Staff side said that this is applicable from 1.1.2007 and ambiguity, if any, should be clarified immediately.

8. New Recruitment : Staff side wanted new recruitments to be made, especially in the cadre of Sr.TOA. Management stated that a Consultancy stands appointed to evolve a plan for Human Development and decision on the demand will be taken after its report.

9. Special CL for Women Employees : Management, though shared the sentiments of the Staff Side, stated that it is not possible.

10. Pay Fixation in r/o officials who were promoted before 1.10.2000 but opted for fixation on DNI falling after 1.10.2000 : Recovery in respect of those who were affected by the 2008 DOT's orders will be stopped immediately.The issue will be favourably settled.

11. Presidential Order to TSMs : Out of 367 left out cases, POs for 280 cases have been issued by DOT. The remaining 87 cases will be reviewed.

12. Issue of SIM cards to Non Executives with a talk value of Rs.200 : Management is positive. Will be considered after the report called for from Circles is received by Corporate Office. Off-net calls for Rs.50/- is agreeable. CUG : compatibility will be reviewed

23.04.2014 new

‘BSNL has already started turning around’ - CMD., BSNL in an interview to Hindu Business Line : Click here.

22.04.2014 new

Empanelment of Hospitals in Chennai and Kolkata : On the demand from Chennai and Kolkata Circle Unions, our CHQ has taken up the issue of empanelment of Hospitals in Chennai and Kolkata and got these instructions issued. Click here.

22.04.2014 new

Presentation to Unions on Formation of Subsidiary Tower Company : Copy of the presentation.

NFTE and all other participants from the Unions and Associations strongly opposed the move that was taken without consulting the stakeholders. Unions have also pointed out that there are lots of ambiguity in the move.Unions have expressed their fear that this might end up as a sort of disinvestment which  eventually will lead to transfer of assets to private Companies putting future of the employees at stake.

Management wanted the Unions to give their opinion in writing. NFTE will submit its views shortly.


IDA w.e.f. 01.04.2014 : Corporate office endorses DPE orders on IDA. Click here.


Revision of Stipend to DR TTAs : Our CHQ has taken up the case of revision of stipend to DR TTAs and it has now been clarified that the stipend had to be revised whenever pay scales are revised. Click here.


Corporate office seeks data from Circles on provision of SIM cards to all Non Executives: Click here.


Compassionate ground appointments : Corporate office instructs Circles to adhere to the guidelines issued on 1.10.2002 for calculating vacancies : Click here.


Minutes of the 20th Circle Council.


MOU for the year 2014-15 signed between BSNL and DOT on 27.03.2014. Click here for the MOU. Click here for Com.Pattabi's Circular on MOU.


Copy of the Memorandum submitted by JAC of Non Executive Unions to the CMD., BSNL on 9.4.2014 : Click here.


SR cell writes to the General Secretaries of Unions and Associations on issues like merger of BSNL and MTNL, formation of subsidiary Tower Company, etc. Click here.


Extension of CGHS facilities to retired BSNL employees : Click here.


JAO Part II Exam : Case of candidates who have got minimum qualifying marks but not promoted due to not coming in the merit : Click here.


Closing of BSNL Officers in respect of Lok Sabha elections : For Delhi - NCR..... For other Circles.


Constitution of Circle / Local Councils - Guidelines.


Staff Side items for Discussion in the 30th National Council meeting : Click here.


JAO Recruitment Rules : Click here.


Demands for Review of Result of failed OC candidates of JAO Part II Examination held in December 2012 not accepted. JAO examination to be conducted shortly as per revised scheme and syllabus : Click here.


Revised Scheme and Syllabus for Limited Internal Competitive Examination ( LICE ) for promotion to the cadre of JAO - both 40% and 10 % quota : Click here. Corrigendum.


Operation timing of Customer Service Centres under Project Smile.


Proposal for use of BSNL MTNL networks by Government entities has not been approved by GOM for revival of BSNL, MTNL - Government tells Rajya Sabha : Click here.


Constitution of Higher Level Committee on Superannuation Benefits of DR Employees and pay-parity / loss of Pay of DR-JTO / JAO : Click here.


Officiating arrangements of waiting Qualified TTAs as JTOs : Click here.


JTO induction training and syllabus - corrigendum :Click here.


Compassionate Ground Appointments - Clarification : Click here.


Formation of Local Council in Circle HQ/ SSAs : Click here.


Recovery of wrongful / excess payments made to Government servants : DOPT OM dated 6.2.2014.


Merger of BSNL, MTNL - Com.Pattabi : Click here.


GOM on revival of BSNL, MTNL : The government is likely to consider roughly Rs 8,500 crore of soft loans at a token 1 per cent interest to help BSNL and MTNL pay salaries to a section of employees who were absorbed from the telecom department. BSNL and MTNL are likely to receive roughly Rs 2,000 crore and Rs 390 crore, respectively, in the first year. Click here.


GOM on revival of BSNL, MTNL : The government will give a loan to state-owned BSNL and MTNL to pay the employees they inherited from the Department of Telecom, a ministerial panel decided today. Sources said the VRS proposal is now on hold as it required huge outgo of around Rs 12,000 crore at one-go. Click here.


GOM on revival of BSNL, MTNL to meet today and likely to discuss ways of unlocking value of land assets that may fetch Rs.14000 crore : Click here.


Minutes of the National Council meeting held on 23.12.2013 : Click here.


MOU signed with Canara Bank for extending various Loan Schemes to BSNL Employees : Click here.


Com Pattabhi to CHQ on Parliamentary Committee for the Welfare of SC/ST's letter to BSNL through DOT : Let us point out denial of concessions to SC/STs in NEPP and Compassionate ground appointments in BSNL : Click here.


JTO Draft RR - DOPT OM dated 3.3.2008 on seniority : Click here.


Disciplinary authority for awarding major penalty to Non-Executive Group-C official in case of non-availability of DGM level officer : Click here.


Com Pattabi on JTO Draft Recruitment Rules : Click here.


Non-executive Promotion Policy (NEPP) - Relaxation in grading criteria - on the basis of the discussions in the 28th National Council : Click here.


Com.Pattabi on Retirement Benefits to Direct Recruits : in English.


Com.Pattabi on Discussions in National Council : on NEPP ..... on Retirement benefits to Direct Recruits.


Union Cabinet approves Financial support to BSNL and MTNL on surrender of Broadband Wireless Access spectrum with refund of upfront charges :Click here.


DPE has issued orders for increase in IDA w.e.f. 01.01.2014 :  Click here.


Pay fixation of officiating JTOs - clarification regarding implementation of Judgement in OA No.1282/2010 filed by BSNL officers association : Click here.


Cabinet approves disbursement of pensionary benefits to absorbed employees of MTNL : Click here.


MOU with Union Bank of India for sanction of various loans to BSNL employees. Click here.


Incentive for acquiring higher qualification : Click here.


Circle Secretary on his discussions with concerned officers in Corporate Office on PMS, Offg JTOs, etc. : Click here.


Revision of flat rates of licence fee for departmental Quarters w.e.f. 01.07.2013 : Letter ... Revised Rates.


Presentation made by BSNL at the Awareness session with Unions and Associations : Click here.


DOT to move a Cabinet Note to pay Administrative Charges of Rs.2700 crores to BSNL, Railtel and Power Grid Corp for carrying out work to BBNL. The work will be distributed in the ratio of 70:15:15. Click here.


Inclusion of members from Staff side in the Committee constituted for evolving new PLI (Productivity Linked Incentive) formula : Click here.


Empanelment of hospitals in Chennai by Tamilnadu Circle 2013-2014 : Click here for the list.


Copies of Circulars / Orders related to staff matters, etc which are not classified are to be marked to Recognised representative Unions : Click here.


NFTE seeks intervention of Hon'ble MOC on revival of BSNL : Click here.


JTO LICE passed Engineering graduates and MSC ( Electronics) graduates will directly undergo Phase I training: Click here.


Settlement of Revision of Pension cases ( Pre 2006 ) - DO from CMD to CGMs : Click here.


CMD writes to Secretary, DOT on 78.2 arrears : Stating " the presidential directive with the stipulation that 'No arrears will be paid' has closed the scope of future payment of arrears from 1.1.2007 to 9.6.2013 for all time to come, even if the financial position of BSNL improves ", CMD., BSNL has written a DO letter for reconsideration of the DOT's decision on payment arrears. Click here.


Compassionate ground Appointments - clarification on weightage point: While applying weightage point system, pre-revised pension should be considered along with the actual terminal benefits : Click here.


Clarification regarding change of option to NEPP scheme on introduction of NE 12 pay scale : Click here.


BSNL issued orders for increase in IDA w.e.f. 01.10.2013 : Click here.


7th Pay Commission for central govt employees announced : The 7th Pay Commission for central government employees was announced today. The recommendations are likely to be implemented with effect from 01.01.2016. The names of the Chairperson and Members as well the terms of reference will be finalised and announced shortly after consultations with majority stakeholders. Press release by GOI.


Corporate Office expresses its concern over non-formation of Circle / Local Councils : Click here.


MOU with State Bank of India for extending various Loans to BSNL employees : Click here for the MOU.


National Council constituted : Com Islam, President, NFTE, is the Leader staff side and Com C.Singh, General Secretary & Com.R.Pattabiraman, Circle Secretary, Tamilnadu are members from NFTE. Click here.


78.2 IDA benefit to Pensioners : " Since the orders are effective only from 10.6.2013, the issue of pay revision, notional or otherwise, of those employees who retired between 01.01.2007 and 9.6.2013 does not arise." - BSNL's reply to DOT.

Letter by DOT to BSNL on revision of Pension due to 78.2 IDA merger : Click here.


Note on Superannuation benefits to DR employees - CS., Tamilnadu.

Superannuation benefits to DR employees - Committee of Senior Officers' recommendation.


HRA, Skill upgradation allowance and Medical reimbursement with Vouchers only on 68.8 % IDA.View Corporate office orders.


BSNL issues orders for 78.2 IDA merger : Click here.


DOT has issued orders for 78.2% IDA merger. Click here for orders copy.


Expenditure control in BSNL. LTC to those who have crossed the age of 59 years. Click here.


Recognition orders to NFTE-BSNL and BSNLEU : Click here.


Facilities to NFTE and BSNLEU & as well to Unions which secured more than 2 % votes: Click here.

Faclities to Recognised Representative Unions & to those who secured more than 2% votes.


6th Membership Verification - Official Results : Click for CRO's letter. Result sheet. Tamilnadu results : Click here.

Click for New Recognition Rules.


Women's day gift from BSNL, Joint forum of Executives Associations and Non Execuitve Unions &NFTE : Child Care Leave orders issued by BSNL. Click here.


Method of Fixation of Pay of those who were promoted prior to 1.10.2000 but opted for fixation of pay on the Date of Next increment falling after 1.10.2000: Click here.


NEPP - Guidelines regarding consideration of period of performance review involving Disciplinary cases : Click here.


Processing of Pension - Clarification on cases of employees dismissed from BSNL after rendering continuos service in DOT/BSNL. Our Circle Secretary took up this case with CHQ and the clarification was issued on CHQ's efforts. Click here.

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