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24.03.2017 .

Wage Revision : CMD., BSNL has sent a proposal to DOT for implementation of 3rd PRC recommendation with  15% fitment benefit.

Pension Contribution : CMD., BSNL has also addressed DOT seeking Pension Contribution to be calculated on actual pay instead of on Maximum of the Pay scale.

24.03.2017 .

Draft JAO Recruitment Rules : Corporate Office floats Draft JAO Recruitment Rules incorporating demands of NFTE like increase in age limit, cut of date for eligibility condition, etc., for comments from Unions before 30.3.2017.

But, the Management has reduced the Quota for Departmental candidates which needs to be fought tooth and nail. Our CHQ is addressing BSNL opposing this reduction. Covering Letter... Draft JAO RR.

24.03.2017 .

Delay in revision of Pension due to 78.2 IDA merger in r/o Retired Employees of BSNL : BSNL letter ... DO letter from DOT.

24.03.2017 .

List of Top 10 Profit making & 10 Major Loss making PSUs :Click here.


PCCA., TN Circular on recovery of dues (other than departmental) from the retirement benefits : Click here.


Guidelines regarding recovery of excess / wrongful payments made to employees of BSNL : Click here.


Increase in DCRG : BSNL endorse DOT orders on Gratuity increase : Click here.


Grant of Child Adoption Leave to BSNL Employees on the lines on Maternity/Paternity Leave : Click here.


BSNL-MTNL merger may not be that easy - The Hindu Business Line : The proposed merger will have to overcome a number of regulatory and operational issues, including bringing parity between the pay scales of the employees of the two companies. The Centre will also have to address the complexities around de-listing of MTNL shares. Click here.


BSNL, MTNL merger to help both firms: BSNL CMD Shri Anupam Shrivastava - Click here.


MOU signed with Union Bank of India for various loans to BSNL employees : Click here for MOU.


Gratuity ceiling raised to Rs.20 Lakhs : Implementation of 7th CPC Recommendations: Applicability to the BSNL/MTNL absorbees opting for pensions for combined service governed under Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules,1972 : Click here for DOT's order.


BSNL to offer 2 GB Data per day with Unlimited calling for Rs.339/- : Press Release.


Clarification on calculation of vacancies for promotion to the post of JTOs : Click here.


Corporate Office advisory on forming of Forums by Unions and Associations kept in abeyance : Click here.


" Refrain from any type of Joint Forum " - Corporate Office advice to Unions and Associations : Click here.


DoP&PW orders on GPF Advances .. GPF withdrawals.


Contract Labour Wages : Circle Office forwards Govt of India Gazette Notification dated 19.1.2017 on Wages to Contract Labourers to all SSAs for information and necessary action : Circle Office Letter.


Consumer Price Index for January 2017 : The CPI(IW) for the month of January 2017 decreased by 1 point and stood at 274. There will be a considerable decrease in IDA payable from April 2017.


Report of 3rd Pay Revision Committee for Central PSEs Effective from 1st January 2017 : Click here.

Recommendations at a glance : Click here.


Procedure for maintaining Waiting Lists for Transfers under Rule 8 : Click here.


Constitution of Circle Council after 7th MVP - TN Circle : Click here.


Items by NFTE for discussion in National Council : Items include demand for speedy Wage Revision, declaration of 4th Saturdays as Holiday as in Banks, settlement of Medical claims on 78.2 % IDA based Pay+DA and promotion of TTs as TTAs on seniority cum fitness basis. Click here.


Constitution of National Council - List of Staff Side / Official Side members : Click here.


Remaining 50% final Welfare Grants for the year 2015-16 : Click here.


MOU signed with Canara Bank for Staff Loans : Click here.


CHQ letter opposing the proposal of management to conduct online examination for promotion to Telecom Technician Cadre : Click here.


CHQ writes to Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications Govt of India, opposing the recommendation of Niti Ayog in respect of BSNL: Click here.


Unions and Associations of BSNL, in the meeting held yesterday, have resolved unanimously to call the entire Non Executives and Executives of BSNL to work one hour extra from 10.2.2017 to 31.3.2017 so as to intensify marketing, improve the quality of service and boost revenue collection : Click here for the letter addressed to CMD in this regard.


Off net calls for Rs.50/- allowed from SIMs supplied to non executives : Click here.


Consumer Price Index for December 2016 : The CPI(IW) for the month of December 2016 decreased by 2 points and stood at 275.


BSNL's losses narrow to Rs 4,890 crore in April-Dec 2016 : BSNL's losses have narrowed to Rs 4,890 crore for the nine months ended December 31, 2016, from Rs 6,121 crore in the year-ago period. The company posted a 5.8 per cent increase in income from services at Rs 19,379.6 crore during the period under review. The figure stood at Rs 18,314.9 crore in the same period of the previous year. Click here.


FAQ on Councils in BSNL : Click here.


IDA w.e.f. 01.01.2017 : BSNL endorses DPE orders on IDA from January 2017 : Click here.


Niti Aayog, in June 2016, has recommended to Government selling of BSNL and some other PSUs. Now, Prime Minister's Office has asked for the status of implementation of Niti Aayog's recommendation. Click here.


DPE orders on IDA w.e.f.01.01.2017 : Click here.


Implementation of 7th CPC pay revision in respect of employees working in BSNL on CDA scales due to non-issuance of Presidential orders for their absorption in BSNL : Click here.


Acquiring of Diploma/ Certificate in Computer Application/Programming in respect of Sr.TOA(G)s appointed under Compassionate Grounds or Sports quota - Clarification : Click here.


Preventive Health Care - Health Check-up scheme extended to Employees below the rank of GM : Click here.


Annual Report of BSNL for the year 2015-16 : Click here.


Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of 7th CPC - Revision of Pension : We may need an order issued by DOT similar to the one issued on 4.5.2009 to clear the doubts on applicability of Revised minimum/maximum Pension, Gratuity, etc for IDA pensioners. Click here for the DOT's order dated 4.5.2009.


BSNL constitutes Wage Revision Committee for Non Executives - but without any members from the Recognised Unions. Click here.

Guidelines issued by DPE for the previous Wage Revision of Unionised Workers : Click here.


Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of Seventh CPC - Revision of Pension : BSNL letter ... DOT letter 1 ... DOT letter 2.


Amendment to BSNL Employees Transfer Policy : Click here.


Payment of Indoor Medical Bill/ Medical Advance to Employees (Serving and Retired) and Hospitals through ERP : Click here.


Holiday List for the year 2017 - Tamilnadu Circle : Click here.


NFTE writes to Management seeking 7th CPC Rules on DCRG, etc be made applicable to absorbed BSNL employees : Click here.


NFTE has written to Director (Finance) seeking stoppage of maintaining 2 basic pays ( 68.8% & 78.2) for BSNL employees consequent to sanctioning of HRA, Skill/Professional Upgradation allowances on 78.2% IDA based pay : Click here.


NFTE has written to DPE and DOT seeking early issue of policy/guidelines for 3rd Wage Revision to Non Executives of BSNL: Click here.


Timely payment of Leave Encashment on Superannuation, VRS, etc  : Click here.


Constitution of Wage Revision Committee of Non-Executives - regarding : Click here.

DPE letter dated 9.11.2006 on policy for 7th round of wage negotiations : Click here.

[Policy for 5th round of Wage negotiations was issued on 12.4.1993 and for the 6th round on 14.1.1999]


BSNL endorses DPE orders for IDA from 1.10.2016 : Click here for forwarding letter. . . DPE orders.


Implementation of BSNL Employees Transfer Policy in Circles : Click here.


Modifying the liability of BSNL towards the payment of Pensionery benefits to the retired employees - BSNL endorses DOT's orders rescinding 60:40 : Click here.


MOU between DOT and BSNL for the year 2016-17 : Click here for copy.


Guidelines regarding recovery of excess/wrongful payments made to BSNL employees : Click here.


Extention of approval of Hospitals in Chennai for the treatment of employees of TN Circle : Corporate Office letter ... List of Hospitals on credit basis .. List of Hospitals on payment basis.


Orders for payment of HRA on 78.2% IDA issued : Click here.


Issues relating to medical facility extended to retired employees : Click here.


BSNL endorses DPE order on IDA payable from 01.07.2016 :Click here.


Orders issued for consolidation of SSAs in Tamilnadu Circle : Click here.


Revision of scales of pay of Board Level and below Board level Executives of BSNL w.e.f. 01.01.2007 -Clarification : Click here.


Office Accomodation to Recognised Representative Unions of Non-Executive Employees : Click here.


DOT Annual Report 2015-2016 - BSNL portion : Click here.


Recognition orders to BSNLEU & NFTE : Click here. Formation of Councils viz., National Council, Circle Councils & Local Councils : Click here.

Facilities to Recognised Unions and to Unions which have secured more than 2% votes : Click here.


Comparison of votes - Tamilnadu Circle : Click here.


Comparison of Votes -  6th Membership Verification & 7th Membership verification : Click here.


7th Membership Verification - Official Results : Click here.


7th Membership Verification - Results : Click here.


Orders issued for Designation change of Non Executive cadres : Click here.


Revision in Weightage points for CGA : Click here.


Rule 8 Transfers to be applied through ERP Portal only : Click here.


Amendment in BSNL Employees Transfer Policy : Click here.


Revision of IQ Rates : Click here.


Compassionate ground appointment to the dependents of deceased officials who died due to accidents while on duty: Click here.


Amendments to BSNL Employees Transfer Policy : Click here.


Delay in settlement of Pension cases for want of confirmation entries - Corporate office letter : Click here.


Corporate Office instructions on avoiding restrictions in Outdoor Claims on the basis of CGHS rates.


Amendment to JAO RR : Click here.


Timely settlement of Medical claims of Retired employees : Click here.


JTO Recruitment Rules 2014 : lick here.


Guidelines for reversion from the cadre of JTO to the parent cadre, i.e., TTA : Click here.


Consolidation of SSAs into business areas : Click here.


Empanelment of Hospitals in Chennai - Extension of approval : Covering Letter. Credit basis. Payment basis.


Compassionate Appointment cases - clubbing of Group C & D vacancies : Click here.


Restriction of Outdoor Claims under BSNLMRS to CGHS rates by some SSAs - reg : Click here.


Timely settlement of pensionary benefits - instructions regarding : Click here.


Implementation of BSNL Transfer Policy in Circles : Click here.


Immunity from Transfer : Corporate office instructions on immunity from transfer to the Office bearers of Recognised Unions : Click here.


Copy of the orders on immunity from Transfer to Union Office Bearers.


Recommendations of the Management Committee of BSNL Board on Deloitte's recommendation on Revival & HR plan of BSNL :Click here.


Joint Meeting to evolve new scheme of Bonus/PLI based on PMS on 27.01.2015 : Achievement figures against some Key Performance Indicators.


CGHS Chennai Rates w.e.f. 17.11.2014 : Click here.


Compassionate ground appointment - change of procedure - clarifications : Click here.


BSNL Employees Transfer policy (updated upto 24.11.2014) : Click here.


Clarification on application of yearly ceiling towards settlement of bills of outdoor treatment under BSNLMRS : Click here.


Fixation of Pay for those who were promoted prior to 1.10.2000 but opted for fixation of pay on the DNI falling after 1.10.2000 - with holding of recovery : Click here.


TTA Recruitment Rules 2014 : Forwarding letter ..... Recruitment Rules.


Report submitted by Deloitte consultants on financial revival and comprehensive HR plan for BSNL.

Annexure I      Annexure II     Annexure III     Annexure IV     Annexure V-1     Annexure V-2


Non implementation of minimum wages and social security measures like EPF, ESI to Contract workers - Corporate office letter dated 08.07.2014 : Click here.


Compliance of Labour Laws - BSNL's instructions dated 5.11.2008 on Contract Labours : Click here.


Constitution of Local Councils at Circle HQs and SSA levels - guidelines : Click here.


JAO Recruitment Rules : Click here.


Revised Scheme and Syllabus for Limited Internal Competitive Examination ( LICE ) for promotion to the cadre of JAO - both 40% and 10 % quota : Click here. Corrigendum.


Recognition orders to NFTE-BSNL and BSNLEU : Click here.


Facilities to NFTE and BSNLEU & as well to Unions which secured more than 2 % votes: Click here.

Facilities to Recognised Representative Unions & to those who secured more than 2% votes. Click here.


6th Membership Verification - Official Results : Click for CRO's letter. Result sheet. Tamilnadu results : Click here. Click here for New Recognition Rules.

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