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18.04.2015 new

Forum Leaders Meeting with CMD : Com C Singh along with other Forum leaders participated the marathon 4 hours meeting with CMD. Status position of the demands and the role played by the management to encash revival issues with DOT were explained by CMD and other Officers to our leaders. Even BSNL has gone to the extent of demanding interest to the unpaid 6700 cr. Efforts to secure 1250 cr from USO etc were explained by CMD. BSNL authorities naturally can't take any indifferent position as almost all the demands are only to strengthen the financial position of BSNL. DOT secretary is expected to return today. CMD may try to fix some meeting to have talks at DOT Secy level. Forum meets on 20.04.2015.

Let us prepare for the strike.

Click here for the Reply / Comments by BSNL on Forum's Demands.

17.04.2015 new

Merger of STR and STP approved by CMD : Click here.

16.04.2015 new

Make the Strike successful - Call by Tamilnadu Circle Forum.

16.04.2015 new

Two days Strike : CMD has invited Forum leaders for talks on two days strike demands at 16.00 hours of 17.04.2015.


Meeting with CGM : Circle Union met CGM today and had discussion on certain issues. On JTO Court case, CGM told that the Judgement is being referred to Corporate Office.  Circle Union also emphasised that EPF of Contract Labours should be remitted by the Principal Employer, as done in other PSUs.


BSNL orders on IDA increase w.e.f. April 2015 : Click here.


Unlimited free calls to any network between 9.00 PM and 7 AM from BSNL Landline - Tariff : Click here.


Text of Com.Pattabi's speech in the National Executive of NFTE-BSNL at Jaipur : Click here.


Circle office orders that GPF Advance/Withdrawal shoud be applied only through ERP Portal from this month onwards : Click here. User Manual for applying GPF through ESS portal : Click here.

Circle Administration has to ensure that GPF Menu in ESS portal do not return ERROR message most of the times.


DPE issued orders for IDA increase with effect from April 2015 : 2007 pay scales ........ 1997 pay scales.


Fraud case of Fake recruitment in BSNL advertised in various News papers : Click here.


Variable DA rates to Contract Labours with effect from 01.04.2015 : Click here.


Two percent Quota for Ladies in allotment of Staff Quarters : Click here.


Corporate Office has issued notification to hold National Council on 28.04.2015 : Click here.

Items from the Staff Side.


Spectrum auction: How telecom companies fought the Rs 1.10 lakh crore battle.


Circular by Circle Secretary, Tamilnadu on BSNL's stance on Deloitte recommendations. Click here.


Corporate office letter on Revision of pension/ family of pre-2007 retirees BSNL IDA pensioners /family pensioners, who retired prior to 01.01.2007 and post 2007 BSNL IDA pensioners / family pensioners, who retired between 01.01.2007 and 09.06.2013. Click here.


Updation of data in ERP system of BSNL employees : Click here.


Declaration of Holiday on 14.04.2015 - Birthday of Dr.Ambedkar - BSNL orders : Click here.


Medical Allowance to Retired BSNL employees : Corporate Office seeks details of outdoor treatment expenditure made w.r.t. retired employees. Click here for the letter.


Copy of the orders on immunity from Transfer to Union Office Bearers.


Questions and Answers in Rajya Sabha on BSNL

Govt rules out privatisation of MTNL and BSNL : Click here. Persons employed in BSNL : Click here.

Turn around plans for BSNL and MTNL : Click here. Share of BSNL in mobile services market : Click here.


No plan to shut down MTNL - Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad : Click here.


Copy of the Strike notice served by the Forum : Click here.


MTNL, Air India to be closed down? Heavy Industries Minister Anant Geete told Parliament that 5 sick PSUs including Air India, MTNL are to be closed down : Click here.


BSNL has assets worth Rs.89333 crores : Click here.


Comrade Pattabi's article in New Age on Forum Strike call : Click here.


Tamilnadu circle notifies LDCE for promotion to the cadre of Telecom Technical Assistant : Click here.


March Strike : Instead of indefinite strike from 17.03.2015, two days strike will take place on 21st and 22nd of April.


BSNL invests Rs 11,000 crore to improve services, tells Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad : Click here.


List of NFTE, TN Circle Union office bearers : Click here.


MOU signed with Bank of India for sanction of various Loans to BSNL employees : Click here.


LDCE to the cadre of TTA on 07.06.2015 in all Recruiting Circles : Click here.


Issues resolved in Salary module in ERP : Click here.


Amendments to CCS Pension Rules 1972 : Click here.


CS, Tamilnadu's comments on MC note on Deloitte recommendations & Draft proposal for BSNL man power plan and staffing norms.


Copy of the Cabinet Note on Pension revision to those who retired from 1.10.2000 to 31.12.2006 consequent to 2nd PRC ( taken from AIBSNLEA CHQ website ) : Click here.

Com Pattabi's Circular (in Tamil) on this Cabinet Note : Click here.


Draft Business Rules for National, Circle and Local Councils : Click here.


Recommendations of the Management Committee of BSNL Board on Deloitte's recommendation on Revival & HR plan of BSNL :Click here.


Consolidation of SSAs into Business areas  - UP(E), UP(W), Chattisgarh, Orissa, Jharkand and MP circles : Instructions.....Annexure.


Observation in Pay Roll - Circle office letter : Click here.


Circle Union discusses ERP issues with CGM : Com. Pattabi, Com. Murali and Com. Manoj met CGM and discussed ERP related issues, etc. Circular on the discussions.


Approval for holding of LICE for the cadre of TTA under 50% quota for the R.E.2014 : Click here.


MOU signed with Canara Bank for various Loans to BSNL Employees : Click here.


MoU signed with Allahabad Bank for sanction of Loans to BSNL employees : Click here.


IDA orders : BSNL endorse DPE's orders on IDA increase w.e.f. 01.01.2015 : Click here.


Fixation of pay of officiating JTOs in Tamilnadu Circle - clarification : Click here.


DPE orders on IDA increase from 01.01.2015 : 2007 pay scales. 1997 pay scales.


Joint Meeting to evolve new scheme of Bonus/PLI based on PMS on 27.01.2015 : Achievement figures against some Key Performance Indicators.


Revised rates of Union Subscription to NFTE BSNL : Click here.


TN Circle Union's comments on the Draft proposal for BSNL man power plan and staffing norms.


Draft proposal for BSNL man power plan and staffing norms for territorial circles : BSNL has circulated a draft proposal on the above subject to Unions for comments. Click here to read.


MoU Signed with Union Bank of India for extending various Loan Schemes to BSNL Employees : Click here.


CGHS Chennai Rates w.e.f. 17.11.2014 : Click here.


Compassionate ground appointment - change of procedure - clarifications : Click here.


BSNL Employees Transfer policy (updated upto 24.11.2014) : Click here.


Newly elected All India office bearers.


BSNL endorses DPE's order on IDA increase w.e.f. 01.10.2014 : Covering letter - DPE orders.


Compassionate Ground Appointments : Powers delegated to Circles - Click here.


Clarification on application of yearly ceiling towards settlement of bills of outdoor treatment under BSNLMRS : Click here.


Fixation of Pay for those who were promoted prior to 1.10.2000 but opted for fixation of pay on the DNI falling after 1.10.2000 - with holding of recovery : Click here.


Empanelment of Hospitals in Chennai : Additions.


TTA Recruitment Rules 2014 : Forwarding letter ..... Recruitment Rules.


Deloitte recommendations - Circle Secretary writes to CHQ : Click here.


Identification of Sensitive posts at Corporate office / Circle / SSA levels : Click here.


Management's proposal on PLI : Click here.


Corporate office orders entering of TSM service in SB and HRMS package : Incidentally, this issue has been forwarded by CS., NFTE, TN in June itself for inclusion in the agenda for discussion in the Circle JCM. Click here.


Report submitted by Deloitte consultants on financial revival and comprehensive HR plan for BSNL.

Annexure I      Annexure II     Annexure III     Annexure IV     Annexure V-1     Annexure V-2


Non implementation of minimum wages and social security measures like EPF, ESI to Contract workers - Corporate office letter dated 08.07.2014 : Click here.


Compliance of Labour Laws - BSNL's instructions dated 5.11.2008 on Contract Labours : Click here.


Review of present status of physical & financial position and performance of the BSNL by BRPSE. Click here.


Constitution of Local Councils at Circle HQs and SSA levels - guidelines : Click here.


JAO Recruitment Rules : Click here.


Revised Scheme and Syllabus for Limited Internal Competitive Examination ( LICE ) for promotion to the cadre of JAO - both 40% and 10 % quota : Click here. Corrigendum.


Empanelment of Hospitals in Chennai by CGM., TN Circle on payment basis : Click here.


Empanelment of hospitals in Chennai by Tamilnadu Circle 2013-2014 : Click here for the list.


HRA, Skill upgradation allowance and Medical reimbursement with Vouchers only on 68.8 % IDA. View Corporate office orders.


Recognition orders to NFTE-BSNL and BSNLEU : Click here.


Facilities to NFTE and BSNLEU & as well to Unions which secured more than 2 % votes: Click here.

Facilities to Recognised Representative Unions & to those who secured more than 2% votes. Click here.


6th Membership Verification - Official Results : Click for CRO's letter. Result sheet. Tamilnadu results : Click here. Click here for New Recognition Rules.

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