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28.04.2016 new

Seems that BSNLEU leadership is never ashamed of lying : Left with no achievement to their credit, BSNLEU was spreading a lie for about a fortnight that NFTE has agreed for 2 digit bonus. When employees questioned their claim on the ground that no trade union worth the salt will agree for 2 digit bonus, they have now changed the subject to Corporatisation, hiding the fact that the then leader of the staunch opponents of Corporatisation, V.A.N.Namboodiri, was sitting in the front row of the function organised for formation of BSNL. ( Like the present General Secretary's claim of " total non co-operation will continue demanding PLI and Service with a smile will also continue" ! ) Any how, this is one question they are asking from 2002 and have been suitably replied all through. We dont want to waste our space anymore by replying the Goebels.

Now, BSNLEU has let out one NEW lie from its bag - the present day leadership of BSNLEU (when they were in NFTE) is the reason for settlement of Pension to BSNL employees. In september 2000, when NFTE, FNTO and Bharatiya Union went on 3 days strike for Pension in September 2000, Namboodiri, Abimanyu and their cronies were busy performing duty. Hence, for all these 16 years, they have never dared to talk or write that they are the reason for Pension.

And the present leadership of BSNLEU has shed even that little bit of shame that was left with them by writing " we are the reason for Pension."

28.04.2016 new

7th Membership verification - Clarification on Voters List : Click here.


7th Membership verification - Facilities to participating Unions : Click here.


High quotation : General Secretary, BSNLEU talks much about Wage Revision due from 1.1.2017. For the record, we place BSNLEU's demand made for 2nd PRC and what actually been achieved by it. In many Pay scales, even the maximum of the Pay scale is lower than the Minimum of the scale demanded by BSNLEU. Click here.

One need not be clever to submit high quotation !


Revision in Weightage points for CGA : Click here.


The foolishness of 'High Quotation' BSNLEU : On 24.2.2009, the then Director (HR) not only offered immediate Wage Revision as done to Executives but also E1A scale to Non Executives. By placing demands which they have not at all achieved and by prolonging the Wage Revision for 15 months, BSNLEU deprived Executive Pay scale to Non Executives. Even after getting one more pay scale, i.e., NE 12, Executive scale of E1A was denied to us. Read the then Director(HR)'s letter.


7th Membership Verification : Sample Ballot Paper : Covering Letter ... Sample Ballot Paper.


TTA RR - Clarification : Click here.


7th Membership Verification : Indelible ink mark to be made on the left hand middle finger in Tamilnadu due to Elections to the State Assembly to be held on 16.5.2016 : Click here.


Clarification number 147 : NEPP-the most clarified order in the World-gets clarification number 147 : Click here.


DPE orders on IDA w.e.f. 01.04.2016 : Click here.


TTA's of 2007 Rect.year can register online for JTO LICE from 15.4.2016 to 22.4.2016 : Click here.


BSNLEU General Secretary writes in his CHQ website " If NFTE, which has accepted 2 digit PLI, once again gets recognition, how many digit wage revision will they give to the employees w.e.f. 01.01.2017

Our question to him is " What will happen if BSNLEU that got "0" ( zero ) PLI for 7 years goes for Wage Negotiation? Zero increase in Wages or Stagnations or one more Drop in Emoluments for TTAs ? "

Though he is putting a brave face and writing & talking about PLI for the past 15 days since he has no settlements to boast, this is what GS., BSNLEU said to a few Officers in Corporate Office - " You made me a laughing stock ( on PLI issue ) "


BSNLEU பொதுச்செயலருக்கு ஒரு கடிதம்.


Nomination of Polling/ Counting Agents : District Secretaries ( SSA Representatives ) are to nominate Polling/ Counting Agents and hand over the list to ARO of the concerned SSAs on or before 20.04.2016. A copy of the same may be sent to our Circle Secretary also. Click here.


Procedure for holding 7th Membership Verification : Click here.


Rule 8 Transfers to be applied through ERP Portal only : Click here.


TTAs of 2007 batch allowed to appear in JTO LICE : CHQ's continuos efforts to allow TTAs of 2007 batch to apply for JTO LICE, irrespective of their date of joining, borne fruit. Orders issued for admission : Click here.


SEWA BSNL's appeal to its members : in English ... in Tamil.


Where again is the proof for NFTE accepting 2 digit bonus in that BSNLEU's letter dated 7.4.2016 ?


Amendment in BSNL Employees Transfer Policy : Click here.


On NFTE CHQs continuous follow up, instructions issued on Procedure to be followed by the expert committee in case of OMR based departmental examinations conducted by BSNL : Click here.


CGM's appreciation letter to Circle Secretary on achieving positive growth in almost all segments : Click here.


Have anyone ever heard of a Trade Union going on agitation to stop Bonus to employees ? BSNLEU is one such Union !

With a hidden agenda to stop payment of Adhoc Bonus to BSNL employees, BSNLEU has gone on agitation for 2 days demanding minimum PLI. But BSNLEU has withdrawn its agitation by gleefully reporting that "The Director (HR) assured BSNLEU that no further action will be taken on this (Bonus) matter, till the 7th Membership Verification is completed."


Two Digit Bonus - Abimanyu's lie stands exposed completely : In a strongly worded letter, BSNL Management has advised GS., BSNLEU to refrain from making totally absurd and unfounded allegation that an underhand deal has been reached between CMD and NFTE to give 2 digit bonus... not to lower the image of BSNL by talking about 2 digit Bonus which is far from truth... not to bring uncorroborated information in the public domain. He has also been asked as to how 2 digit bonus has come into picture when BSNLEU has not attended the PLI Committee meeting. Read the letter and judge yourselves the stature of BSNLEU, Comrades.

It must be very very shameful for any one to get exposed like this ! Had BSNLEU been serious about Bonus, it would have gone on agitations during Pooja & Deepavali. BSNLEU would have not skipped two PLI meetings even when their top leadership was in Delhi !


LICE JAO-Extension of date for online registration : Click here.

LICE JTO-Extension of date for online registration : Click here.


Revised Examination/ Recruitment Calendar of 2016-17: Click here.

LICE JTO for 2014-15 vacancies on 28.8.2016 & LICE JTO for 2015-16 vacancies on 27.11.2016.


Counting of Pre appointment training for LICE : On our CHQ's insistence, clarifications issued on counting of Pre appointment training period for LICE : Click here.


Revision of allowances on the basis of 78.2% IDA merged Pay : Our Union placed demand for revision of allowances like HRA, etc., on 78.2% IDA merged pay. Now, Professional/ Skill upgradation allowance stands revised from 1.4.2016. This will result in an increase of about 10 to 30 rupees only. Click here.

Meanwhile, NFTE has requested Director (HR) & (Fin) for release of orders for payment of HRA on 78.2% Pay.


BSNL Circle Staff Welfare Fund for the year 2015-16 : Click here.


Revision of IQ Rates : Click here.


Unhappy with 'Double Digit', General Secretary, BSNLEU goes Single Digit : GS., BSNLEU writes in his CHQ website that Com. Islam Ahmed said in a PLI meeting "You announce even one rupee as Minimum PLI, I am prepared to accept it. " 

Even a lowest level functionary of a Trade Union will understand that here the words 'one rupee' are symbolic and doesn't mean that it will suffice. Will also know that they were uttered out of the neccessity to restore the right of PLI which stands deprived for over 5 years because of BSNLEU.

No wonder GS., BSNLEU is unable to understand those symbolic words !


VDA rates w.e.f 1.4.2016 to Contract Labours : Click here.


SEWA CHQ Governing Body headed by Sri P.N.Perumal and Sri N.D.Ram Recognised : Click here.


BSNLEU to celebrate April Fools day : Click here.


IDA from 01.04.2016 : CPI (IW) for the month of Feb.2016 decreased by 2 points. However, there will be no change in IDA rates from April 2016 and to remain as 112.4%.


Com Pattabi on PLI - Struggle for Restoring Right and Respectability : Click here.


MOU signed with Canara Bank for extending various loans to BSNL employees : Click here.


Eligibility for appearing in JTO LICE : President discussed the matter with GM (Rectt). Employees of the same Recruitment year and as well SC/ST candidates who are senior in roster points are being denied appearence in LICE for having undergone training in subsequent batches and hence not meeting minimum service condition. It was pointed out that this will create complications in future. Issue of relaxing 5 years condition is being considered.


After continuous persuasion and follow-up by our CHQ, instructions on counting of past-services of Ex-Servicemen for reckoning 7 years of regular service towards eligibility for appearing in LICE conducted in 2013 has been issued: Click here.


MOU signed with Union Bank of India : Unlike other Unions which take up issues and write numerous letters during Verification period alone, our CHQ was following up this issue right from a month prior to the expiry of previous MOU. Tough conditions initially putforth by UBI delayed the signing of MOU. Click here for the MOU.


Off-net calls from SIMs provided to Non Executives : Circle Union spoke to concerned GM and it was told that the facility will be provided from 1.4.2016, in Tamilnadu Circle.


5 times increase in salary : BSNLEU CHQ website says that BSNL employees got 5 times increase in their salary during the 11 years of its recognition period of 2004-2016. Shamelessly, BSNLEU claims credit for 12 increments, 130% increase in IDA, 50% IDA merger, II PRC fitment benefit, etc. Click here.


MOU score of BSNL for the year 2014-15 : The final composite score for the year 2014-15 awarded to BSNL by DPE is 3.9, i.e., 'Fair". As per the formula, BSNL employees would have got Rs.10,000/- as Bonus this year, had BSNLEU not accepted linking payment of Bonus with Profit. Click here.


Circle Conference Reception Committee Bank Account Details : " Reception Committee, NFTE, Vellore " SBI., Vellore Branch, IFSC Code : SBIN0000947, Current A/c number : 35584280720.


Off-net calls from SIMs provided to Non Executives : NFTE continuosly pursued the demand made thro' JAC of NEs and got the order issued for making off-net calls from SIMs provided to Non Executive Employees : Click here.


Patna extended CWC resolutions - Circle Union's circular : Click here.


TEPU & NFTE sign agreement : Agreement is signed between NFTE-BSNL and TEPU on 11-03-2016 at TEPU office, Delhi. Both unions agree to work together in the 7th membership verification and thereafter. Apart from Com.C.Singh, G.S., NFTE, Com. V.Subburaman GS, TEPU., Com.R.Venkatraman, Com.Mahavir, S.S.Gopalakrishnan and Com. R.K. were present. CHQ thanked Com.R.K. for his initiative. : Click here.


Conduct of 7th membership verification process-Final list of applicant unions : Click here.


Conduct of 7th membership verfication of non-executives unions in BSNL-extention of trade union facilities for the verification period : Click here.


TTA Special Recruitment Drive Results declared : OBC List ... SC List ... ST List.


Meeting with CMD on PLI : President and GS met the CMD, BSNL and told him that despite his clear orders the PLI amount has not been paid to staff. CMD agreed to intervene.


34th National Council - a brief : Click here.


Welcome back Comrade Kohli & Com Sajwani ! Comrade Kohli, SG., NFTBE, has withdrawn the application filed by NFTBE for participation in the 7th Membership verification in support of NFTE. Also, subject to ratification by the AIC of NFTBE to be held in April 2016, he is keen to merge NFTBE with NFTE.

Our thanks to Comrade R.K who has taken the initiative for this.


Intra -Inter circle transfer of non-executives under Rule-8 - point raised in National Council : Click here.


Request for Re-evaluation, Retotalling & Verification of marks in JAO LICE EXAM 40% quota held in December 2012 : Click here.


JTO LICE - vacancies in r/o TN Circle : Click here.


Diploma awarded by Indian Air Force with ten years of technical experience in the appropriate field thereafter is treated as equivalent to Degree in Engineering for the purpose of appearing in JTO LICE : Click here.


JAO LICE rescheduled : As per the demand made by our CHQ, JAO LICE is rescheduled to 17.07.2016 : Click here.

Method of calculation of vacancies for regularising offg.JTOs & JTO LICE : Click here.


CHQ writes to Management seeking notification of JTO & JAO LICE on different dates : Click here.


7th Membership verification - Corporate office letter dated 04.03.2016 : Click here.


CHQ news : MOU may be signed with Union Bank of India shortly.


BSNL Group Insurance Policy, 2014 for BSNL employees who have joined after 31.7.2014 : Click here.


Compliance of Labour Laws and Social Security measures like EPF/ESI : Click here.


7th Membership verification - List of eligible Unions : Click here.

7th Membership verification - Electoral Rolls - reg : Click here.


LICE to the cadre of JAO : Examination on 22.05.2016. Click here for the Notification. Click here for the list Exam Centres. Click here for RR of JAO. Click here for syllabus.


LICE to the cadre of JTO (T) for the vacancy year 2013-14 to be held on 22.05.2016 : Notification to be issued on 04.03.2016 by all Circles : Click here for model Notification. Online Registration from 10.03.2016 to 31.03.2016.


Wage loss to Non Executives who were appointed on or after 01.01.2007 : Management Committee has approved grant of one increment to Non executives appointed on or after 01.01.2007 but before 7.5.2010. This will go to BSNL Board for further approval.


Issues Settled by the Intervention of NFTE BSNL and our future Tasks : Click here.

Status of National Council Items : Click here.


Hardships to employees on promotion from Lineman scale to Telecom Mechanic Cadre : Click here.


Guidelines in framing of Recruitment Rules of TTA : Click here.


7th Membership verification schedule : Click here.


Compassionate ground appointment to the dependents of deceased officials who died due to accidents while on duty: Click here.


Making MDF/Test Room Land line Number of Telephone Exchange free from Prepaid Sim Card of Line Staff : Click here. This item was taken up by our Union in the Circle Council of Tamilnadu and in National Council.


7th Membership verification to be held on 10.05.2016 - Revision of Electoral Rolls : Click here.


7th Membership verification - Non transfer of Non Executives till completion of verification process : Click here.


7th Membership verification - calling of applications from Unions : Click here.


HRA on 78.2% IDA : CHQ reports that Management is assessing the expenditure involved to meet the demand.


JTO LICE Schedule : Due to our CHQ's consistent efforts, JTO LICE schedule has been issued by Corporate office. Examination will be on 08.05.2016 and online registration for the Examination will be from 22.02.2016 to 22.03.2016 : Click here for Corporate Office letter.


Amendments to BSNL Employees Transfer Policy : Click here.


Periodical review of efficacy of employees under Rule 55(ii)(b) of BSNL CDA Rules : Click here.


Clarifications regarding the term Group C in JAO Recruitment Rules : Click here.


Corporate office instructions on confirmation of Officials : Click here.


BSNL orders on IDA increase w.e.f. 01.01.2016 : Click here.


DPE orders on IDA increase w.e.f. 1.1.2016 : Rates for - 2007 Wage Revision .... 1997 Wage revision.


Delay in settlement of Pension cases for want of confirmation entries - Corporate office letter : Click here.


Annual report of BSNL for the Financial year 2014-15 ( Balance sheet, etc from Page No-78 ): Click here.


Reversion of Officiating JTOs before sending for Phase I training & revised method of fixation of Pay of officiating JTOs : Click here.


List of Holiday for the year 2016 in r/o BSNL offices in Tamilnadu Circle: Click here.


Minutes of the Designation Committee meeting held on 11.12.2015 : Click here.


Corporate Office letter on proper operation of Contract Provisions related to labour laws in Contract : Click here.


Skill Enhancement Training to BSNL employees through 'Telecom Sector Skill Council' : Click here.


Circle Office instructions to SSAs on timely payment of Contract Labour Wages, EPF/ESI, etc : Click here.


Minutes of the 33rd National Council meeting held on 16.10.2015 : Click here.


Clarification on relieving TTAs officiating as JTOs for Phase I training : Click here.


7th Central Pay Commission Report submitted to the Government : Highlights ...CPC Report. 


Corporate Office instructions on ... 1. Delay in settlement of Outdoor Medical Claims. 2. Avoiding restrictions in Outdoor Claims on the basis of CGHS rates. 3. Applying latest CGHS rates.


Amendment to JAO RR : Click here.


Issue of Employment Card, EPF contribution Card and ESI card to Contract Labours : Click here.


Timely settlement of Medical claims of Retired employees : Click here.


BSNL endorses order on Variable DA to Contract Labours w.e.f.01.10.2015 : Click here.


Circle Secretary Circular on Compassionate ground appointments ... on Gratuity to Casual Labours.


Speedy payment of Leave Encashment to Retiring Employees : Owing to continuos efforts by our Circle and All India Unions, procedure to be followed in ERP for payment of LE to retiring employees has since been circulated. Click here.


Regularisation of officiating JTOs as per the provisions of JTO RR 2014 : Click here.


JTO Recruitment Rules 2014 : Click here.


BSNL endorses IDA orders : Click here for forwarding letter...IDA orders.


DPE orders on increase in IDA w.e.f. 01.10.2015 : 2007 pay scale.     1997 pay scale.


Guidelines for reversion from the cadre of JTO to the parent cadre, i.e., TTA : Click here.


Consolidation of SSAs into business areas : Click here.


22nd Circle Council Minutes : Click here.


Empanelment of Hospitals in Chennai - Extension of approval : Covering Letter. Credit basis. Payment basis.


Designation Committee : After many rounds of discussions, the Committee formed for changing the Designations of certain Non executive cadres has finalised new Designations : Copy of the Minutes.


Compassionate Appointment cases - clubbing of Group C & D vacancies : Click here.


Restriction of Outdoor Claims under BSNLMRS to CGHS rates by some SSAs - reg : Click here.


BSNL endorses DPE orders on IDA increase w.e.f.01.07.2015 : Click here.


DPE orders on IDA increase w.e.f. 1st July 2015 : 2007 Pay scales..          ..1997 Pay scales.


Timely settlement of pensionary benefits - instructions regarding : Click here.


Timely payment of Wages to Contract Labours - Circle office instructions : Click here.


Implementation of BSNL Transfer Policy in Circles : Click here.


Immunity from Transfer : Corporate office instructions on immunity from transfer to the Office bearers of Recognised Unions : Click here.


Copy of the orders on immunity from Transfer to Union Office Bearers.


Draft Business Rules for National, Circle and Local Councils : Click here.


Recommendations of the Management Committee of BSNL Board on Deloitte's recommendation on Revival & HR plan of BSNL :Click here.


Joint Meeting to evolve new scheme of Bonus/PLI based on PMS on 27.01.2015 : Achievement figures against some Key Performance Indicators.


Draft proposal for BSNL man power plan and staffing norms for territorial circles : BSNL has circulated a draft proposal on the above subject to Unions for comments. Click here to read.


CGHS Chennai Rates w.e.f. 17.11.2014 : Click here.


Compassionate ground appointment - change of procedure - clarifications : Click here.


BSNL Employees Transfer policy (updated upto 24.11.2014) : Click here.


Compassionate Ground Appointments : Powers delegated to Circles - Click here.


Clarification on application of yearly ceiling towards settlement of bills of outdoor treatment under BSNLMRS : Click here.


Fixation of Pay for those who were promoted prior to 1.10.2000 but opted for fixation of pay on the DNI falling after 1.10.2000 - with holding of recovery : Click here.


TTA Recruitment Rules 2014 : Forwarding letter ..... Recruitment Rules.


Deloitte recommendations - Circle Secretary writes to CHQ : Click here.


Identification of Sensitive posts at Corporate office / Circle / SSA levels : Click here.


Report submitted by Deloitte consultants on financial revival and comprehensive HR plan for BSNL.

Annexure I      Annexure II     Annexure III     Annexure IV     Annexure V-1     Annexure V-2


Non implementation of minimum wages and social security measures like EPF, ESI to Contract workers - Corporate office letter dated 08.07.2014 : Click here.


Compliance of Labour Laws - BSNL's instructions dated 5.11.2008 on Contract Labours : Click here.


Constitution of Local Councils at Circle HQs and SSA levels - guidelines : Click here.


JAO Recruitment Rules : Click here.


Revised Scheme and Syllabus for Limited Internal Competitive Examination ( LICE ) for promotion to the cadre of JAO - both 40% and 10 % quota : Click here. Corrigendum.


HRA, Skill upgradation allowance and Medical reimbursement with Vouchers only on 68.8 % IDA. View Corporate office orders.


Recognition orders to NFTE-BSNL and BSNLEU : Click here.


Facilities to NFTE and BSNLEU & as well to Unions which secured more than 2 % votes: Click here.

Facilities to Recognised Representative Unions & to those who secured more than 2% votes. Click here.


6th Membership Verification - Official Results : Click for CRO's letter. Result sheet. Tamilnadu results : Click here. Click here for New Recognition Rules.

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